How Often To Visit The DentistWith all of the running around we do on a daily basis, it can be very easy to forget the basics, like going to the dentist.  The American Dental Association

recommends visiting the dentist twice per year.  Your teeth and mouth will be thoroughly evaluated by a dental professional, as a form of preventative care and cleaning.  Just like we take our cars for an oil change and take showers daily, it is important to maintain and clean our mouths as well.

The standard answer to “how often?” is twice per year.  However, those with different conditions and compromised oral health would need to visit the dentist more frequently.  Patients who suffer from autoimmune disease, diabetes, cardiac conditions or past dental issues, should be checked more frequently.  In addition, your dentist in Point Pleasant, Dr Zicchino, will not only examine your teeth, gums, jaw and surrounding structures, but will also complete a comprehensive oral screening exam.  X-rays of the teeth will be taken as well, to ensure that there is not any underlying pathology below the surface.

Many individuals who follow a strict oral hygiene regimen at home may feel that they don’t need to visit the dentist as often.  Although brushing, flossing and rinsing regularly are an essential part of oral health, only a dental professional can truly determine the best cadence for visits.  Unfortunately, sometimes even those with very little plaque or bacteria in the mouth can still develop gum disease or nerve root issues, which can be quite complicated, painful and expensive to treat if left undetected for too long.

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